Another Breath 2022

Six bodies move through the stage while lying, sitting, standing, stomping. Their distance from each other is measured by the range of their breaths. The bodies shake, clap and vibrate. A polyphonic blending of parallel breaths takes hold of the space. A sigh as a prelude to singing. One - two - three – seven breaths in the rhythm of a voice.

In times of face masks, air filters and aerosol measurements, air-sharing is evident as a biopolitical issue. Although bodies have always breathed, different human, social, and economic dynamics have been shaping their capacity to do so as a fundamental determinant of life itself.

Omnipresent breathing is the object of biopolitical power and control, of devotion and sexuality, of spirituality and cosmic connectedness. The rhythm and tone, the (dis)tension and vibration of each breath is our own and at the same time the instrument of our surroundings. As such exploring and releasing the breath is physical, and therefore as painful, as it is sensual, pleasurable and emotional. To engage with one's own breathing is another form of taking responsibility, self-care, awareness of oneself and our interdependence.

Another Breath is an acoustic-performative meditation that turns the mundane process of breathing into a choral and choreographic medium while inviting the audience to oscillate with their own breaths.


Choreography, concept: Lea Moro / Created with and performed by Ana Laura Lozza, Kiana Rezvani, Lea Moro, Malika Lamwersiek, Samuel Draper, Sharón Mercado Nogales  / Sound: Andrés Bucci aka Futurelegend / Composition songs: Andreas Bonkowski, Jana Sotzko / Costume: Nina Krainer / Assistance costume: Molly McDonnell / Light: Martin Beeretz / Space: Lea Moro, Nina Krainer / Coaching breath and body work: Claudia Feest / Coaching voice: Ignacio Jarquin / Text collaboration: Ana Letunić / Choreographic input: Jessica Huber, Kiana Rezvani / Production, management: Hélène Philippot / Songtexts: Harriet von Froreich (I’ll eat your breath), Guilherme Marcondes (are we all suffocating?), team collaboration (beyond breath) / Photos: Maxi Schmitz

Another Breath is a joint production of LAC Lugano Arte e Cultura and Lea Moro and is created as part of the Lugano Dance Project - 1st edition May 2022.


29 05 22
LAC, Lugano (CH)


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