An invisible net is our space
yet present in it, we constantly redefine it
May it appear when we link, knot, drag, hold, grab, bound, secure and fall 
May it evaporate and manifest itself constantly anew
Whilst the playful time of engaging in the present moment passes along this performance
       - By the way ‘thank you (for coming)’
A net of knots, may they be tight or loose, exposes a network, a net-of-work:
connections, (re)distribution points, communication (end)points
Let’s simply start again. KNOT DOT


Choreografie: Lea Moro

Co-Choreografie, Tanz: Shiraz Amar, Darío Bardam, Jennie Bergsli, Aurore d'Audiffret, Molly Engblom, Am Ertl, Sara Skoglund, Alexander Talts, Klara Utke Acs

Sound: Andres Bucci

Dramaturgie: Mona De Weerdt

Kostüm, Szenografie: Martin Bergström

Assistenz Kostüm, Szenografie: Johanna Baumann

KNOT KNOT wurde in Zusammenarbeit mit DOCH, the School of Dance and Circus in Stockholm (SE) entwickelt.


08 – 12 05 19
DOCH/Uniarts Stockholm (SE)
01 04 – 08 05 19
DOCH/Uniarts Stockholm (SE)
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