BackSketch of Togetherness #1

The dancer and choreographer Émilia Giudicelli and the wine grower Luc Reynaud meet in Luc's wine cellar, Domaine Reynaud. Not only is this the meeting of different generations, different realities also encounter each other. Whereas Luc is bound to his location with his vineyard, Émilia's reality is characterised by continual travel and international work. What do you long for when you hear about another person's way of life? What are the positive aspects of each person's occupation and what are the difficulties? And what are the precious little rituals that structure Luc and Émilia's days?

Alongside differences in their daily (working) lives, there are bound to be similarities. Both of them work with earth and plants and embody, in their different ways, a connection to nature. In Luc's case, this is very concretely evidenced through his activities as a wine maker and his work on the vines. On the other hand, in her long-term research project Trans:plant, Émilia engages with botany and relying on the potential of plant intelligence. How are these processes of growing wine and producing performances structured? What temporalities, cycles, conditions and other factors underlie them? And how do these different professional activities define and challenge the body, perhaps even wearing it out?

The dialogue, which began when Émilia Giudicelli and Luc Reynaud first met in September 2018, will resume during the performance on 23 May 2019 in the presence of an audience. The Sketch or draft of their encounter is created from the aggregated material of memory, video and sound as well as from an individual ‹score›.


Luc Reynaud


Luc Reynaud is a fourth-generation wine grower. He discovered his calling through his grandfather Albert, who was not a typical wine grower, loving not just wine, but books too. Sitting on the press and watching the process, Luc learned the secrets of wine growing from his father and grandfather, and to appreciate the wealth of the growing regions. After several years of intergenerational cooperation, Luc realised his dream in 2000 of founding his own wine cellar with help from his family. Since then, he has produced his own wine, driven by a continual search for improvement. He is passionate about grape production and is interested in quality rather than yield. The Domaine Reynaud vineyard is in the South of France. Over the years, the vineyard grew from 3 to 25 hectares and now comprises 50 hectares. The largest part of the property and the cellar itself is in Saint Siffret, one of the most beautiful villages in Uzès. The vines too profit from exceptional terrain and a very good geographical location. The very light soils also limit the damaging effects of the hot summer weather, preserving the grapes' aroma.

Émilia Giudicelli

Choreographer, Dancer

Émilia Giudicelli lives in Zürich. She has worked full-time as a dancer for about 10 years in about 40 choreographic pieces, either attached to national theatres, or freelancing with project-based companies in Spain, Germany, Scotland, Belgium and Switzerland. In 2013, she co-founds the group Fluoressenz together with Samuel Fried. Together they create several works. From the same year on, she follows the MA CuP programme at the Institute for Applied Theatre Studies Gießen with philosopher Prof. Bojana Kunst. In 2014, further to one-year Programme at Abbaye de Royaumont (FR), she co-initiates the artist group L’APPEL with a focus on site-specific proposals. In 2016 she is guest choreographer and workshop leader for Overseas Culture Interchange in Brazil and Lebanon. Among her latest works she created NU together with Ioannis Mandafounis. Émilia is YAA – Young Associated Artist at Gessnerallee Zürich 2017/2018. In 2018 the City of Zürich supported with a cultural Price her choreographic and reflexive research TRANS:PLANT Y, a collaboration with Grégoire Paultre Negel.


Artistic Concept, Choreography: Lea Moro

Co-Choreography, Performance: Émilia Giudicelli, Luc Reynaud

Video: Michelle Ettlin

Dramaturgy: Mona De Weerdt, Alexandra Hennig

Production: Ann-Christin Görtz

Graphic Design: ROLI Deluxe

Photos first encounter and performance © Michelle Ettlin

Sketch of Togetherness #1 is produced by Lea Moro in co-production with La Maison CDCN Uzès Gard Occitanie – les Vins AOP Duché d‘Uzès, presented on the Domain Reynaud Saint-Siffret (Uzège – Gard – FR) in the context of the presentation of the festival programme of Uzès Danse 2019, supported by Pro Helvetia – Swiss Arts Council and l’Onda – French office for contemporary performing arts circulation.

23 05 2019 Domaine Reynaud Saint-Siffret (Uzège - Gard - France)

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