BackSketch of Togetherness #2

For the far° festival Nyon 2019, the choreographer and dancer Claire Dessimoz and the politician active in health, social welfare, culture and education, Catherine Labouchère meet each other. Catherine Labouchère, who is nearly 70 years old, can look back on an eventful, moving and active life, in which humanitarian, social, societal and political commitment played and continues to play a central role. In her dance productions, Claire Dessimoz also deals with social and political themes, addressing questions of reality, transformation and social perceptions.

What does it mean for these two women to be engaged in something? What values and attitudes do they represent? What issues do they fight for and what do they take a stand on? How do the everyday lives and realities of these two women from different generations collide? And which political views, assertions and values meet with incomprehension?

At far°, Catherine Labouchère and Claire Dessimoz resume the conversation they started, on a day trip together to Nyon and Lausanne in July 2019, in front of an audience. The Sketch or draft of their encounter is created from the aggregated material of memory, video and sound as well as from an individual ‹score›.


Catherine Labouchère

Politician engaged in Culture, Social Issues, Education, and Health among other fields

Catherine Labouchère (*1950) is a lawyer, a member of the management supervision commission and inter-parliamentary committees of the HES-SO (University of Applied Sciences and Arts Western Switzerland) and since 2002 member of the Grand Council of the Canton of Vaud. In addition to her political activities, she heads the Federation of Hospitals in Vaud, and is involved in several foundations and associations, including the UNIL Foundation, the ISREC Foundation (Cancer Research), the Vaudoise Foundation for Culture, the foundation for the support of Pôle Muséal, Plateforme 10. In 2007, Catherine Labouchère was awarded with the Prize for Economic Development. Her book Au Cœur de L’engagement was published by Editions de l’Aire in 2018.

Claire Dessimoz

Dancer / Choreographer

As a multipurpose artist, educated in architecture and in contemporary dance, Claire Dessimoz (*1988) works in dance as an interpret and choreographer, and in more performative forms – between theatre, body, politics, contemporary art and new writings – dealing mainly with reality, transformations and social perceptions. In 2015, she creates her structure and presents a first solo; DU BIST WAS DU HOLST, processing archive, surrounded conversations and body memory, starting on this occasion her work of association/dissociation body-and-voice, which she carried in 2018 with the group piece INVITATION, dealing this time with questions of democracy and autonomy. 2017-2019 Claire Dessimoz is artist in residency at Arsenic where she presented her new piece TRAVERSER TOUT ENTIER in May 2019. She lives and works in Lausanne.


Artistic Concept, Choreography: Lea Moro

Co-choreography, Performance: Claire Dessimoz, Catherine Labouchère

Video: Michelle Ettlin

Dramaturgy: Mona De Weerdt, Alexandra Hennig

Production: Ann-Christin Görtz

Graphic Design: ROLI Deluxe

Photos first encounter © Michelle Ettlin, Lea Moro

Photos performance far° Nyon 2019 © Arya Dil

Sketch of Togetherness #2 is produced by Lea Moro in co-production with far° festival Nyon (CH), supported by Cultural Affairs City of Zurich.

14 08 2019 far° festival Nyon, Salle communale
15 08 2019 far° festival Nyon, Salle communale

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