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On the occasion of the re-opening of the Tanzhaus Zurich, which was destroyed by fire in 2012, Lea Moro and Alberto Veiga, Architect of the Tanzhaus Ersatzneubau (replacement construction), encounter one another. Whereas Alberto Veiga creates enduring monuments with his architectural structures, Lea Moro’s choreographic productions always have an ephemeral character. Even though dance pieces can be documented, the actual event is received in the immediacy of the performance situation. Nevertheless, there may be parallels in their architectural and choreographic work and thinking.

Which processes, rhythms and logic comprise their respective activities? Where and how does their creativity manifest itself? What does it mean for him as an architect and her as a choreographer to make plans and sketches in the literal but also figurative sense – on a personal and professional level? How do the two deal in their everyday but also work lives with the insecurity of planning, the uncertainty of the future and the permanent pressure to succeed and perform? Which rituals and routines provide security and stability in their lives? And which places of rest and recuperation are revealed?

Their dialogue, which began when they first met in September 2018 in Barcelona, will resume during the performance in the presence of an audience. The Sketch or draft of their encounter is created from the aggregated material of memory, video and sound as well as from an individual ‹score›.


Alberto Veiga


Alberto Veiga, born in 1973, grew up in Santiago de Compostela, Spain, and studied architecture at the Escuela Técnica Superior de Arquitectura de Navarra. In 2004 Barozzi/Veiga was founded in Barcelona by Fabrizio Barozzi and Alberto Veiga. Together they have been working internationally in public and private projects and have received several prestigious distinctions a.o. Ajac Young Catalan Architect Award (2007), Barbara Cappochin International Architecture Award (2011), Gold Medal for Italian Architecture for the Best Debut Work (2012) and the Fad International Award (2015). In 2015 the project for the Szczecin Philharmonic received the prestigious Mies van der Rohe Award for European Architecture, while the Fine Art Museum in Chur, Switzerland, has been awarded with the RIBA Award for International Excellence. In 2019 the office will finalize the Fine Art Museum in Lausanne and the Tanzhaus Ersatzneubau (replacement construction) in Zurich. Their body of work includes cultural, educational and residential buildings as well as civic projects.

Lea Moro

Choreographer, Dancer, Lecturer and Cultural Manager

Lea Moro is a Swiss choreographer, dancer, lecturer and cultural manager, based in Zurich and Berlin. She studied at the Accademia Teatro Dimitri, the LABAN Centre in London and the Inter-University Centre for dance Berlin (HZT). Lea Moro is nominated talented choreographer in the year book 2015 of tanz magazine. Her choreographic work tours internationally to renowned venues. In the season 2017/18 she was Associated Artist at the Tanzhaus Zürich. In 2017 she received the cultural price ‹Werkstipendium› by the City of Zurich and in 2018 the cultural award ‹Förderpreis› by the canton Zurich. In 2018–19 she taught at DOCH – the School of Dance and Circus in Stockholm, at the University of the Arts in Helsinki, at HZT Berlin and at Manufacture in Lausanne.


Artistic Concept, Choreography, Performance: Lea Moro

Co-choreography, Performance: Alberto Veiga

Video: Michelle Ettlin

Dramaturgy: Mona De Weerdt, Alexandra Hennig

Production: Ann-Christin Görtz

Graphic Design: ROLI Deluxe

Photos first encounter © Michelle Ettlin

Photos performance Tanzhaus Zürich 2019 © Tina Ruisinger

Sketch of Togetherness #3 is produced by Lea Moro in co-production with Tanzhaus Zürich (CH) and presented in the context of the opening of the new Tanzhaus.

06 09 2019 Tanzhaus Zürich

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