BackSketch of Togetherness #9

Sketch of Togetherness in cooperation with IntegrART - a network project of the Migros Kulturprozent

How can we really meet each other, enter into dialogue and interaction, listen, engage with each other and let ourselves be touched by other people?

With Sketch of Togetherness by Lea Moro, an artistic work was produced especially for the IntegrART conference. In collaboration with Nina Mühlemann (artistic concept IntegrART conference) and Michelle Ettlin (camera), the serial encounter format Sketch of Togetherness was continued and three unique Sketches between an artist with a disability and a politician were initiated. They spent from 2 hours to a day together and were accompanied by a camera. They asked each other questions, opened up spaces of resonance and reflection, and negotiated possibilities of coexistence.

Sketch of Togetherness in cooperation with IntegrART was realized together with Carine Pache & Sami Kanaan, Lua Leirner & Luca Maggi, Sara Hess & Corine Mauch.

The videos of the encounters were shown on 21 September 2021 at 8 pm as part of the IntegrART conference at the Gessnerallee Zurich. In addition, the continuing encounter between Lua Leirner and Luca Maggi took place in the presence of an audience on that evening.


Lua Leirner

Actress, dancer and mediator

Lua Leirner (*1982) was born in Allgäu in Germany and grew up multiculturally in France, Brazil and Germany. She has lived and worked as a graphic designer, photographer and museum guide in Basel since 2003. Lua Leirner is profoundly deaf, multilingual - speaks Brazilian, German, English - and communicates in sign language in High German and Swiss German. She performs as an artist for dance and theatre performances in Switzerland and Germany.

Luca Maggi

Vice-President Green Party Switzerland, Executive Committee Green Party City of Zurich, Zurich Municipal Councillor

Luca Maggi (*1990) was born in Zurich, has been on the board of the Green Party of Zurich since the end of 2011. He has been Vice-President of the city party since April 2016. He has represented the Greens Kreis 1+2 in the Zurich municipal council since 2018. He is on the board of the Zurich May Day Committee, the Xenix film club and the Zurich Regional Tenants' Association. The Greens are his party because they are committed to a humane policy that does not neglect nature and that also gives a voice to those people who have no political rights.


Participating artists: Carine Pache, Lua Leirner, Sara Hess / Politicians involved: Corine Mauch, Luca Maggi, Sami Kanaan / Video, camera, sound: Michelle Ettlin / Artistic collaboration IntegrART: Nina Mühlemann / Concept, artistic direction: Lea Moro

Sketch of Togetherness #8, #9, #10 were realized in cooperation with IntegrART - a network project of Migros Kulturprozent.

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